A student placed a metal slug weighting 77.6 g into water that was 79. The slug was allowed to heat for 10 min. Then the slug was quickly placed into…

A student placed a metal slug weighting 77.6 g into water that was 79.8o C.  The slug was allowed to heat for 10 min.  Then the slug was quickly placed into a coffee cup calorimeter with a lid. The calorimeter contained 75.0 grams of water.  The initial temperature of the water in the cup was 24.2o C.  ??Assume that the final temperature of the water after adding the slug was the final temperature of your water after heating the nut.  Calculate the specific heat of the metal slug. Assume no heat is lost to the surroundings.??

2.            In all laboratory work, experimental uncertainty shows up in two different forms: random error and systematic error. Have you ever measured an item multiple times, in the exact same fashion, only to find that you were unable to get the exact same measurement? This is random error. Measurement devices, as well as the experimenter’s interpretation of readings, are limited due to random fluctuations.

?Systematic error arises throughout the entire lab. This error is reproducible and causes data to be skewed in the same direction. For example, if a balance is not correctly tared and reads data 0.1 gram too low, all data will read 0.1 gram too low.??Evaluate this lab in light of these two types of error. While they are both present, which type of error affects your data the most? Explain. How could it be eliminated? 

3.            There is nothing like the smell of BBQ in the summertime. Many people use propane gas grills to cook the perfect steak. Here is the unbalanced reaction that is occurring while the steak sizzles on the grill:?

C3H8(g)   +  O2(g)  –> CO2(g)  +   H2O (g) ?

The balanced reaction has a ?Horxn = -2217 kJ.  If a steak must absorb 7.2×10-4 kJ to reach a perfect medium rare, and if only 15% of the heat produced by the barbeque is actually absorbed by the steak, what mass of H2O is emitted into the atmosphere when this steak is cooked?  (Hint: don’t forget to balance the reaction).?

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