ALANCING CHEMICAL EQUALIVING Load the simulation Balancing Chemical Equations http : / / phet . colorado . edu / en / simulation / balancing -…

Can you help me understand this question? I think I got it but want to be sure. #2 moleculesin table.

ALANCING CHEMICAL EQUALIVINGLoad the simulation Balancing Chemical Equationshttp : / / phet . colorado . edu / en / simulation / balancing – chemical – equationsCRITICAL THINKING QUESTIONS1 . Explore the Balancing Chemical Equations simulation . Discuss with your group what2 ) What are the different ways that the simulation indicates when an equation is balanshows the balance and then snows happy Face. OrLars do the same thing except Shows equal ( = ) when2 . For each balanced reaction , indicate the total number of molecules in the table below .ReactionTotal Number of MoleculesReactant SideProduct SideN 2 + 3 # 2( Left )(Right )Make Ammonia&IN # 324 , + 0^Separate Water102 4 20CH, +20 2Combust Methane5costHal3 . Is the number of total molecules on the left side of a balanced equation always equal to thenumber of total molecules on the right side of the equation ? Explain your answer .yes, because nothing was added or subtracted, just reciuc.polaminor factorand combined their

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