Annotated Bibliography

I will need the same person to write the final literature Review as well!!!

Annotated Bibliography

TOPIC- Human Resource Management and the utilization of Training and Development for current and new employees upon hire in the workplace. Examine how effective Human Resource Management is with Training and Development amongst existing and new employees within an organization.

Title page

Body of paper: This main section will consist of the annotations for all eight articles. The eight references required for this scholarly assignment must come from peer-reviewed journal articles only, published in 2014 or after – no books, textbooks, websites, dot.coms, dot.nets, magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc.

Begin each annotation with a complete reference for the article. , just as it will appear on the reference list. -The annotation (short description) for each reference must answer all of the following questions (at least two complete paragraphs total per article which totals 16 Paragraphs!): A.) Who is the author and how are they qualified? B.) Reflection on the source and how it fits in the topic chosen to research. C.) A comment on whether the source was helpful; Too broad or too narrow? D.) Explain how this research will fit into your Literature Review.

Reference page – On a separate page following the narrative, provide a complete reference list in the APA format.

DO NOT submit an abstract on this assignment.


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