Assignment: Create 3 original written responses to the prompt; explain your persona, purpose, and…

Assignment: Create 3 original written responses to the prompt; explain your persona, purpose, and audience; justify and explain your rhetorical choices; and critique others’ postings.

Primary Discussion Response

Select a trending topic connected to your field of study or professional field, research the topic online and in academic databases, and use this Unit 2 Discussion Board Template to create a mock tweet, e-mail, and Facebook post informing others what you have learned and discovered; these only need to be posted in the Discussion Board itself rather than on social media. You may use your topic that you researched in Unit 1.

Tweet:In 140 characters, express your thoughts on what you learned in your research; also, please include a hashtag.

E-mail: Compose a short e-mail relating to your chosen topic. The e-mail must include the following fields: a “to:” and “subject:” line and an appropriate “signature;” you should have an introductory greeting, set the context, provide the interesting information, including at least one reference to a source, and have a concluding statement; the e-mail should not exceed 6–8 sentences total.

Facebook:In a posting to your Facebook followers, craft a summary of your discovery that also expresses your reaction to the information and possible ways your followers might need or use your discovery.

Purpose and audience: For each entry, explain the “voice” you have adopted (your perspective), your intended audience, and your purpose behind the communication. Also, discuss how the different platforms affected your purpose, audience, and message.

Justification: In a brief, 3–5-sentence paragraph, explain some of your choices—vocabulary, tone, details and examples, and type of research cited—that shape the message and how the message might affect people.

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