Assignment Four: Business Case Clients briefs for assignment four… 1 answer below »

Assignment Four: Business Case Clients briefs for assignment four
MainFreight NZ: Tracking Driver Performance A major shipping company, MainFreight New Zealand, is concerned that its truck drivers may be wasting time with unnecessary stops not related to work, and/or the drivers may be driving erratically. The company’s manager, Timothy Stiles, has requested a report on the options available to the organisation to monitor employee driving. Your report should include, but need not be limited to the following questions: What devices currently exist that can monitor a truck’s location, timing of its deliveries as well as speed of breaking/acceleration? How do these devices work? What level of monitoring is appropriate for an organisation like MainFreight? Should different monitoring levels apply to different categories of drivers (new pick-up drivers, for example)? What kinds of staff would be needed to collect and organize the data? How much would such monitoring cost? What are the legal and ethical implications of monitoring drivers? What impact would the various options for monitoring have on drivers and future hiring? Present your report to the Lead Freight Manager, Mr. Timothy Stiles. A budget and project schedule are essential elements of your business case.

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