You will complete an analysis of the company you selected related to their B2B strategy. It is your responsibility to develop a “re-branding” strategy for your selected company ( XEROX) .

For this project, you will be asked to select a current organization or business that is operating in a B2B environment. You will analyze the current B2B strategy of that company and develop a strategy to “re-brand” that company’s B2B strategy. To that end, your final project will include a written Marketing Re-Branding Plan for your selected B2B. To that end, you should:

✓ Think critically about new marketing strategies and tactics associated with the B2B segment

✓ Understand the potential role of the Internet and other technologies to connect with your customers to both facilitate B2B transactions but also to effective market your products and services utilizing various marketing channels

✓ Apply these technologies in the development these strategies

✓ Effectively communicate your analysis and strategy

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