Can i get the answer asap?

Can i get the answer asap?

1.We can visualize a complex number as a point in the complex plane, where we call the x coordinate the “real part” and the y coordinate the “imaginary part”. What feature of the complex number is given by the distance from the origin?

a.phase angle


c.complex conjugate

d.imaginary part

2.Sinusoidal functions often show up when describing wave phenomena. Therefore, complex numbers are useful when analyzing waves because…

a.complex numbers make a lot of manipulations more challenging.

b.a wave’s frequency is a complex conjugate.

c.electromagnetic waves and sound waves are invisible.

d.the real and imaginary components of give sine and cosine functions.

3.Fourier Series and the Discrete Fourier Transform both analyze and synthesize periodic signals. Specifically, what features of complex numbers are analyzed and needed for synthesis?

a.real part, magnitude, amplitude

b.volume, harmonics, period

c.Hertz, period, frequency

d.amplitude, phase, and frequency

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