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Assessment Task 2
Develop a Work Plan
Therimarurose oFa work plan is to provide clear directions and strategies to ensure team member meet the requirements of their work perFormance, meet the needs of children and Families and co s P y p p rn pky relevant standards and guidelines.
For this assessment task, you are required to develop a work plan For a team that you lead (iF you are not working, develop a work plan For a team that you could lead). You may use the template in Appendix 1: Workgroup plan to complete this task. aPsleseasssemneontet:tlafsyko.0 have previously developed workgroup plan, you may submit this as evidence For this To complete this task you will need to: A. A breakdown of the Focus work areas/responsibilities B. What strategies will you put in place to ensure maximum work perFormance C. The strategies that will be used to encourage team collaboration, optimum work perFormance and reaching team outcomes D. Identification of any barriers to work perFormance and what contingencies you will put in place to manage these
Attach your a copy oF the workgroup plan addressing the criteria listed above, or alternatively attach a copy of a previously developed workgroup plan ensuring the criteria above have been covered.

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