create a cloud based simulating environment which will help to identify/understand the problem… 1 answer below »

This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as stated in the unit profile.
Enabling objectives
1. Analyse a case study and identify issues associated with the business;
2. Develop and deploy the application in IBM Bluemix;
3. Evaluate existing and new functionalities to address business problems;
4. Prepare a document to report your activities using text and multimedia (for example screenshots, videos).
General Information
The purpose of this assignment is to create a cloud based simulating environment which will help to
identify/understand the problem stated in the given case study using analysis tools available in IBM
Bluemix. In assignment three, you are working individually. By doing this assignment, you will
learn to use skills and knowledge of emerging technologies like cloud computing, IoT, to simulate a
business scenario to capture operational data and share with a visualization tool. You will acquire a
good understanding of smart application design in a cloud environment for efficient application
configuration and deployment.
Helpful resources to understand phone’s sensor:
What do you need to do?
The assignment requires you to do the following –
• Choose a case study out of given two below and analyse the case study to
understand the business problem and required tasks assigned to you to address
the problem.
• Design and develop smart application to execute all required tasks given in your
chosen case study.
• Finally prepare a report according to given format and specifications below and
submit it in Moodle.
COIT20260 – Cloud Computing for Smart Applications
Report format and specifications –
You are required to submit a written report in a single Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx)
document. There is no word limit but any unnecessary information included in the report
may result in reduced marks.
The report must contain the following content (feel free to define your own sections,
as long as you include all the required content):
o Cover page/title page and Table of contents
o URL of the IBM Watson IoT Platform and NODERED applications
o Login details of the IBM Bluemix account
o Introduction
o Case study analysis which will report –
o Identify four business improvements that can be addressed by your extended
o Were the collected sensor’s data effective to develop required tasks in the
extended modules? Why or why not?
o Suggest collection of five new sensor data elements (other than data
already collected) which could be helpful to develop extended modules
o The step by step process you have followed to configure and deploy the
application. You may choose to use screenshots and notes to enrich your report
but you must have a video of the process.
o Video link of you working while deploying and configuring
o Difficulties you faced –
o What are the difficulties you have faced during the process of app
deployment and data collection?
o How did you address those difficulties?
o How is the application development and management in cloud different than
traditional application management?
o Conclusion
o References

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