Define both networking and collaboration and explain the difference between them….

What is networking and collaboration?
1.1 Define both networking and collaboration and explain the difference between them. (Your
response should be no more than 100 words)
Principles of networking and collaboration
1.2 Select True or False in relation to the following statements.
a) The principle of engagement is about prioritising time to work together with
individuals and other organisations to build positive relationships that will likely lead
to future partnership and collaborative activities.
True False
b) It is important to focus on gaps and deficits in the services and supports offered by
partners in a collaborative relationship, so that the group understands what they need
to improve on. It is not important to consider the strengths of case managers,
organisations, community partners, or clients.
True False
c) Inclusivity refers to ensuring participation from all relevant organisations and key
community stakeholders involved in a network or collaborative relationship. Inclusive
practices are those that respect differences and values diverse contributions, look for
solutions and areas of agreement, attempt to break down barriers to communication,
and provide a wide variety of opportunities to participate in group processes.
True False
d) Equity is important because upholding this principle/value will ensure that
opportunities and resources available in the community are distributed justly and
according to the needs of the community.
True False
e) When working in a network or collaborative relationship, it is important that you try
to meet only the needs of your organisation and you. It does not matter if the activities
and efforts of the group are responsive to demands in the larger community.
True False
f) Capacity building can be achieved without upholding the other principles of
networking and collaboration, and is more about the ultimate realisation of goals,
rather than the process of how goals were reached.
True False

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