dentify an international company and evaluate its strategic plan.

option #1: Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a process that involves describing an organization’s destination, assessing barriers that stand in the way of that destination, and selecting approaches for moving forward. Its main goal is to allocate resources in a way that provides an organization with a competitive advantage. A strategic plan serves as a blueprint that defines how an organization will allocate its resources in pursuit of its goals.

To be useful, performance management systems must rely on the strategic plan. The behaviors, results, and developmental plans of all employees must be aligned with the vision, mission, goals, and strategies of the organization and unit.

Discuss the following:

Identify an international company and evaluate its strategic plan.

Using their strategic plan, propose two human resource practices that will enhance employees’ motivation and job satisfaction in the organization.

Briefly explain and evaluate these HR practices and offer suggestions on how to enhance the performance management system in the organization.

Your paper should be 4 pages APA FORMAT

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