Develop an anonymous case study, describing the individual’s background and presenting needs… 1 answer below »

Dual Diagnosis and Community Work (1910), NURS2119

Assignment One – Assessment of Substance Use (1500 words)

The first assessment of NURS2119 offers practical real-life examples of use of existing tools in the clinical area. You are required to:

· Develop an anonymous case study, describing the individual's background and presenting needs

· Complete a full assessment of the person using the ASSIST tool

· Consider the Stages of Change Model and discuss the current stage or stages the person is currently in

· Identify the current goals they wish to set concerning their substance use

· Focus on one goal and provide a brief plan of care


Possible Mark

Actual Mark

Introduction, case study and background


Completion of ASSIST tool


Stages of Change


Identification of goals


Plan of care


Concluding statement


Extent and quality of literature used


Total Marks (40%)


Minus marks deducted for:

Late submission – 10% per day (No extensions beyond one week) or > 10% over the word count

Minus marks deducted for:

Presentation not in APA style and not contact details provided

Problems with Grammar

Problems with spelling

Referencing style in text and end text (Refer to APA study guide)

Up to 4% deducted

Final Mark


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