Develop and present an argument about a global issue or challenge that is impacting on… 1 answer below »

Assignment 2: Revised Research Essay and Written Response to FeedbackDetails

Assessment value: 40% Due date11.00pm, Sunday 2 June, 11pm

Length: Total length 2000 words(plus or minus 10%) not including the reference list.

This final assessment is made up of Part 1 and Part 2 as described below.

Part 1 – Revised Research Essay


Length: 1500 words (excluding the end-text references)

Based on the same research question as Assignment 1(Develop and present an argument about a global issue or challenge that is impacting ondevelopment in your country),write a longer version of your first assignment that demonstrates clear improvement and a direct response to the feedback you received for your first assignment.

Part 2 –Response to Feedback

Value:10%Length:500 words

FormatYou can present your Response to Feedback in any one of the following formats:

· an essay,

· a table,

· a set of paragraphs with sub-headings,

· any other format that your tutor agrees to.

Write a 500-word textreflecting on the process of writing Assignment 2 and address the feedback you receivedduring this process from your tutor, Studiosity, your peers, andpossibly other sources.

This response should address in a clear, concise and direct manner, how you reacted and responded to feedback which identified key areas for improvement in your writing. Focus onyour tutor’s feedback from the first assignment submissionas well as onsubsequent feedback fromyour tutor,Studiosity, and other sources. The response should include:

· personal reflections on the processes of researching, thinking, organising, and writing Assignment 2,

· the challenges you encountered,

· the issues identified by the feedback you received,

· the strategies you used to overcome these challenges and issues,

Submissions will be assessed according to the assessment mark sheet provided above.

Style Guide
o The assignment is typed on A4 size paper
o The assignment is in 12-point font
o References are provided in Chicago, APA or another author-date style
o The assignment has ‘normal’ (2.54 cms) margins on both sides
o The lines in the assignment are 1.5 spaced

And finally…

· Write your name and student number on the first page of this booklet, in the file name of this document and on the page below.

· Make sure you include your reference list at the end of your essay

· Paste Part 2 the Written Response to Feedbackafter the reference list of Part 1.

· You do not need a cover page since your texts will be cut and pasted into this booklet (on the pages below)

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