Does the organization require any post-offer tests as part of the interview process?

Assignment Details : No Plagiarism/ Word Document

The purpose of this assignment is to give you working knowledge of the interview process. You will write a process report that describes the interview process for an open position identified in your chosen organization.

Your research will be based on information garnered from 1 of the following sources of information:

Your current workplace

A company that you are familiar with in your local market

Note: You will need to contact the recruitment office or a hiring manager for this assignment.

You will prepare an 800–1200-word process report that begins with the flow chart and includes the following:

Flowchart to illustrate the interview process

Recruiting resources

What method of recruiting will you use to garner qualified candidates for this position?

Pre-employment tests

Discuss what pre-employment test the organization will use in the search for the qualified applicant.

List at least 3 pre-employment tests that you would recommend the organization use in the interview process. Include an explanation of why you chose these specific tests.

Interview questions

List at least 7 interview questions that potential candidates for the position will be asked.

Type of interview(s)

What type of interview will the organization employ? Why is this type of interview used?

Location and length of time

Where does the interview occur? What is the average duration of any single interview?

Why do you think that this is important?

Final selection of top 3 candidates

How does the organization decide who the top candidates for an open position will be?

Post-offer tests

Does the organization require any post-offer tests as part of the interview process?

If so, what tests are used?

If not, why did they make that choice?

Note: Your report should be professionally formatted and free of grammar and spelling errors. The report should include the following:

Detailed Speaker Notes that explain your responses with a minimum of 150–200 words

Graphics to highlight the main points

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