Respond to a peer who has a different viewpoints regarding some of the theorists than you do. Respectfully discuss your differences in terms of strengths and limitations of the theorist. Then, support your positions with personal examples and/or research. Lastly, present an area of the analysis in which you both agree, along with the reasons for agreement. Should be 150 words or more.


I considered that all the theories had influenced my job working with children, their families, and parent involvement. Piaget’s theory of cognitive development explains that children learn by exploring their immediate environment and their active learners. Piaget’s development stages provide an organized characteristic of the different stages of children, beginning with sensory motor skills. The Bronfenbrenner’s’ theory, also impact the children’s environment and are affected by the different changes in their immediate environment and changes in society. Bronfenbrenner’s considered the child’s development areas as intellectual, emotional, and milestones are affected by the environment, he considered that children are a product and producers of the environment where they live. Erickson theory considered that each child is unique and should be considered the relationship with his/her culture and life situation. Working with children and their families is important to consider the parent’s involvement in their children’s education and development, the level of parents’ education, socioeconomic background and culture. By knowing the family barriers and strengths the teachers or educators can better-planning activities to help the child to improve his skills and help the parents to cope with stress, respecting their culture and beliefs. In classroom also is very important to identify the child’s strengths and weakness to develop an appropriate individual plan that helps the child to improve his/her language, motor, cognitive and socioemotional skills. Recognize that every child is unique and have different needs would help the teacher to make arrangements in the classroom environment to meet each child’s needs and improve their learning skills.

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