English composition essay

 How to Write the Introduction 1. Write the hook. The hook must include a metaphor word. What is a metaphor? A metaphor is a comparison between two unlike things. For example, I’m drowning in homework. 2. Use the S.O.A.P.S.Tone acronym to guide you through the middle of the introduction paragraph. 3. Thesis/Claim In one sentence, use strong language to express the purpose of your argument. Use an implicit thesis. Since the first paragraph is a counterargument, start the thesis sentence with that information. Example Thesis: Though not all people agree, it is evident that nursing facilities must treat LPNs better, because these employees are the most needed. How to Write the Conclusion 1. Write the telegraphic sentence. Show your concluding thought in a short sentence. Thus technique helps capture the readers’ attention. 2. Point-by-point method Look at your body paragraphs- counterargument, argument 1, argument 2, and argument 3- and write one sentence for each body paragraph. These sentences should be in a positive tone and they should remind the reader of the paragraph’s purpose. 3. Restate the thesis/claim. Using the explicit thesis statement structure, restate the thesis/claim. 4. Wrap the hook. Refer back to the metaphor word you used in the hook (introduction). Write the final sentence of the essay using a word related to the metaphor word you opened the essay with. • The conclusion should have 7 sentences. • There is no need to cite sources in the introduction and conclusion paragraphs. 

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