esi To open—Cut seal along dotted line mL A-0320F DOSETTER VIAL 25 DOSETTE. Vials ATROPINE Each contains 1 mL CHI VDC 0641-01 60-25 Each ml…

Medication order: Meperidine 70 mg and Atropine sulfate 0.4 mg, IM, STAT. Using the following drug labels, how many milliliters of meperidine would you give ?

esiTo open—Cut seal along dotted linemLA-0320FDOSETTER VIAL25 DOSETTE. VialsATROPINEEach contains 1 mLCHIVDC 0641-01 60-25Each ml contains meparidins hydro-SULFATE INJ., USPMEPERIDINEchloride 100 mg, sodun metabisub-file 1.5 mg and phenol 5 mg inWater for In ection. Butlered with400mcg/mLHCI INJECTION, USPacetic acid-sodium acetate. pH 3.5-SAMPLE Coful, Sealed under aivojen.(0.4 mg/mL)100 mg/mLUSUAL DOSAGE: See package insert.FOR SC, IMDo not use if precipitated.NDC3-0641-0160-25-0OR IV USEWARNING: May be habit forming.Stare at controlled room tempera-bire 15"-30 0 (59-BS’f]DO NOT USE IFFOR INTRAMUSCULAR,Caunos: Federal law prohibits dis-PRECIPITATEDSUBCUTANEOUS ORpensing without prescripton.ELKINS-SINN, INC.CHERRY HILL, NJ (8DOSSLOW INTRAVENOUS USEProduct Code: 0160-25 B-501601esiELKINS-SINN, INC. Cherry Hell, NJ 08003-4099Answer0.72720 WordsEnglish (US)

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