ESSAY ONE In this unit we have explored how social expectations based on gender, socio-economic…

ESSAY ONE In this unit we have explored how social expectations based on gender, socio-economic status, disability, and cultural background impact an individuals identity. We have seen characters experiencing isolation, disconnection, misunderstanding, even dehumanization. For Essay 1, you will choose one reading we have read in class and analyze one issue arising out of social expectations that you see addressed in the text through a character of your choice. Explore how your chosen character conforms to, reacts against, or attempts to redefine the role created or assumed for them. Examine what the author of each work achieves by creating the particular character. You must use at least one of non-fiction reading to help support your ideas. Questions you might consider. Please do not attempt to answer all of them. Are their views of others meant to be accurate? What is not being said? Are there any characters whose perspectives are silenced? If your character is mistreated, what do the other characters hope to gain by treating the as they do? If your character mistreats others, what does he or she hope to gain? Is your character self-aware? Are their views of themselves consistent with how others view them? How and why does your character change over the course of the story? What are the consequences of that change? How does the text encourage us to feel about this characters thoughts and actions? Are we supposed to like this character? Are we rooting for them? Are we expected to approve of their behavior? Requirements for Essay 1: An insightful, arguable thesis and essay organized around each of your main points. Effective introductions and conclusions, as described in the handouts on blackboard. No less than 3 and no more 4 pages. Carefully chosen quotations from the text, properly introduced and explained, and cut down to as few words as possible. Never use a quotation to state the obvious. At least two quotations from one of our non-fiction readings. Reference to at least two literary elements covered in class that reinforce your interpretation of the story. Clear analysis of the implications of the points you raise. In other words, why are these points important? What do they help us understand? What is the snowball effect? You may use your own observations and experiences to support your explanation. MLA style, including a creative title. Times New Roman 12/ one inch margins. Writing in specific terms, with correct grammar and spelling (turn on spell check). End with a paragraph of commentary describing your experience writing this essay.

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