Explain to your managers their roles in this plan.

Create a presentation as though you were addressing the organizational managers who work for you. Label each section clearly.

Assume your organizational culture is somewhat stagnant and in need of a boost of motivation, empowerment, and creativity. You are the leader. In the presentation:

1) Welcome your managers by starting your presentation speaking to them (not me).

2) Briefly discuss your desire to influence and re-shape your organization’s culture for your employees;

3)Explain why this is a necessary strategic objective; why are you doing this?

4) Mention at least 4 specific steps you plan to take to re-shape your culture to be an empowering, encouragingly creative and motivating workplace. Be clear on each step.

**You may have ideas such as implementing policies on something, or planning an event or activity and explaining its purpose, or intrinsic/extrinsic reward systems, increasing diversity, inclusion, and so on. Refer to our lectures and readings for ideas.

5) Provide a general time frame for implementation (be realistic).

6) Explain to your managers their roles in this plan. (This is up to you!)

7) Finally, conclude by explaining how you will measure your success. Give this some thought, as you may wish to mention it in your introduction.

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