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Part of the community assessment process is to identify the healthcare related sources and workforce in the target community. This is vital because after you have identified health priorities in the community and developed interventions to address the priorities, you need to have a good idea about what resources are available to you and to your patients. This is important to know whether you are involved in large scale community interventions or small scale/individualinterventions. Knowingwhat sources are availablefor collaboration, consultation and referral is vital to you as a healthcare provider in your community.
Now it is time to look at what healthcare resources are available in your community to potentially address the health needs of your community. When we talk about healthcare and workforce resources, we mean both the people (and in this case, specifically healthcare providers) as well facilities and services to address the community's health needs.
What to do:
For your community assessment in this course, you will want to spend some time researching the following data to describe your community's health resources and workforce.
· Health workforce: What type and how many providers working in your community-Include MDs and NPs, others if you desire. You will likely need to use multiple sources to compile a report on this information.
· Services-Health and community services to meet needs of general and vulnerablepopulations, hospitals, services for children, services for the elderly, services for the homeless, services for the medically indigent, drug treatment services, hospice services, services for evening and weekend healthcare.
Now write a 2 page write up summarizingof the resourcesyou compiled from your above research.Include a discussion of what you consider are the assets and what are needs you can identify from the data you have collected in this section. Projected workforce needs are appropriate to include as well.Cite your sources and reference them. Label this section "Community Resourcesand Workforce"Make 3 section subheadings: Health Workforce, Services, and Assets and Needs.
What resources to use:
Use the following list of data resource to research and explore the above listed community resources and workforce:
You may use internet searches and telephone direc

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