Facility: Mary’s Out-Patient Clinic 95;. Right hip PL THA MD Orders: WBAT on right, PL hip precautions Age: 75 S: Patient is a 75 year old female who…

  1.    Explain the diagnosis and secondary diagnoses in lay terminology as if you were explaining to the patient.
  2.   How will the diagnosis and secondary diagnoses impact your care? Are there special precautions or contraindications associated with the disorders?
  3. Describe this patient’s impairments as well as activity limitations and participation restrictions.
  4.  How will the personal characteristics of the individual impact your care?
  5.  Is there anything that is unclear about the care plan that will need further clarification? What communication will be necessary with the physical therapist?
  6.  What information would be important to review from the chart for this particular patient?
  7.  Will you need to consult or collaborate with other health care professionals regarding the patient’s care? If so, with who, and in what manner?
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Facility: St. Mary’s Out-Patient Clinic 95;. Right hip PL THAMD Orders: WBAT on right, PL hip precautionsAge: 75 S: Patient is a 75 year old female who lives with her husband in a ranch style home with two step entry. Shehas been independent with all ADLs prior to surgery and other medical history is unremarkable. She had a THA surgery two weeks prior and is now referred for out-patient physical therapy to improve strength and function.Patient rates pain as 3-4/10 with movement, but states the pain has improved significantly while walking.Patient able to recite hip precautions. 0: Cognition: Alert and oriented x 4Posture: Patient stands with hips and knees in slight flexionGait: Patient ambulates modified independent with a walker, slight Trendelenburg gait on right. Bed mobility and transfers: SBA for transfers and minimal assistance for transfer from sit to supine to lifllower extremity. Patient performs activities while maintaining hip precautions without cuing. Standing Balance: Patient stands in bilateral stance without assistive device in parallel bars 30 sec with SBA Incision: There is an incisional wound approximately 8 inches in length over the lateral hip area, with slighterythema at proximal incision edge Palpation: Tenderness over the lateral hip area generally. Circumferential Measurements: There is dependent edema in the right lower extremity measured as follows: Right LeftCircumference around malleoli 28 cm 24 cmPassive Range of Motion Right Hip Left HipExtension -10 0Flexion WFL m Other ROM tests deferred due to THA Strength: Right hip grossly 2+/5 with cfo pain upon active motion, left hip 3+l5 A: Problem List:1. Right hip pain

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