Give a brief Review of the Literature.

Please remember to properly paraphrase and to cite the source of the information. Again, follow the guidelines in the grading rubric. The assignment will be matched against the TURN IN website for over plagiarism

At the same time, you will be responding to comments and critiques from your professor in order to make improvements to past sections

This week you will add 3 to 4 more pages to your applied research project. In this component, you expose information and insights from key authors that you discover in the body of management literature.

It is essential that you seek these insights from peer-reviewed journal articles from the Library. Your review of the literature section is a great opportunity to perform by reconnecting to specific authors of management theory.

Think of them as authors who bring added value to your own investigation of the problem. Restating what these authors said is one thing, but it is even more important for you to assess the impact of theoretical insights to the practice of management as advanced by your investigation of a real-world organizational problem.

It is important to remember that this is a growing document, and as you move your applied research project forward unit by unit, more research components will be added.

Step 1: Prepare by studying the Reading assigned to this unit. Practice specific research concepts by engaging in unit discussions.

Step 2: Design your applied research project in the following manner.

Title Page: Develop a unique title for the paper that captures the essence of the problem that is under investigation. ( re write another title for this paper)

Sub-Heading Sections

· Introduction

· Statement of the Problem

· Intended Audience

· Value to the Audience

· Meta-Analysis Methodology

· Brief Review of the Literature

· Summary

· Reference Page

Use the Library and ABI/INFORM Collection. As you take next steps in constructing your applied research project, please use this Library service to assist and support your capstone research project. The ABI/INFORM Collection is a useful Library tool.


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