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I need help with questions 2 and 3 please!! Especially number 2, if you could provide an explanation I would really appreciate it!

i chums F’iio edit View History Bookmarks People window Help 8 O {3) 93 E? 1: min. 5 mamam His;s’sefilet 0; – D Aoril24~2a x in -Apri|25-_29; :01__s: NYE WWWThéI’ XKHPSS14M:BZ3§0 “D 9 I = = — = = 7 _ [Ig—-….’ ‘ ‘ if; 1 C I (D fileleUsersfhaleystolfletJDownloadslApril24—2B.pdl t} I S . _ how “Marlon collory mom .APrlIza—zs ‘ :__: ”2′ £.; Vivéfihvwméa’aggflgéma.: I Quick ?a ores | Charts | SmarIArI Graphics ‘ I:2) Howarehistones aoetylated? What isthegeneralrole ofaoetylation ofamino acidsin "I"E"’2‘II;1II’3!‘I;5‘IL4!"‘;;“;5!"";’;–5-£f.histories in the nucleosomes in the transcription of eukaryotic genes?I Week 14 PS I:e:. . . . . – . Is an ripen-elm activator sequence uas ‘r Describe the roleof UAS ln3) Predict whether galactose-mducrble genes are expressed 1n the followmg yeast strains _! the 6mm” of galacloselnduéble Jena 1_ -under the conditions noted. Use + to indicate thatthe galactose mducrble genes are expressed = . .mmrggqm u an enhancer Ilka elementto which an 01‘-st greater than basal levels, and 0 to indicate that the enzyme is not induced. Provide an ’ Ngdmgfifitflfirmcflpflfi- Till! PfihrfldleBm-L I 0- – – ‘, ‘ i . I In Or UBI’IB p "CH Dim II ‘0explanation for 3’01" Pmummns’ 5 late: the namcnpaon of the rour gem, GAL1, GALE, GAL? and WGalaetose absent Galantose amt and each ottheae has It: own promoter. GALA proteln regulates all I’ – = by blndlnp the upstream amatorsequehce. which contains aA) 6314‘, GalSlT palr repeat: that I: located upstream to each of the four genes. L _ In has the ahlllty to bind wlth annular proteln. BALM. GAL4 hasl ‘ domalm, whleh are the DNA blndlng domaln that hlnde the 17 B) (3114′, GalBLV I – repeat realm of the uplh’eam-aedvated sequence, and the – domaln that hlnde BALM proteln.Whol’l GAU- blnde GAL" the _ _ » Inlp domaln remains lnectlue and II lneapablo of blndlng to the C) (3214‘, G818!) the presence ofpalaeeese, palaeoeae and GALE together hlnd to .Ind alter! the oonilnnatlon of GALM to release GALA. The tree D) 6314′ GalSO’ -I file UAS to activate transcrlptlon. He histories eoetylated? What Is the gemral role at eoelylation of amino4) What are rnioroRN As (rniRNAs)? How are they produced? Describe two histories in the nucleoscrhes in the transcription of eukaryote genes?mechanisms by which they regulate gene expression. _ mmergalacnoselnouciele genes are expressed in the following 5) In yeast, which mutations will result in the production of high levels of proteins from ‘"5 "meme conditions ”Wid- U59 * 10 ‘ndim Thamflgalflme . . . ..l, = genes are expressed at greater than basal levels. and 0 to Indicate thatgalactose—rnducrble genes in the absence of galactose and why. : is not induced‘ Provide an explanetlon “3, your predictions. ‘ ; Galafl+ 6) 1n yeast, which mutations will result in no expression of GAL’T, GALlfl, and GALl in _ (3:33"; “19 Pmem 0f Salaam“ and Why? .‘Galeflr : no emreeslon will be exhibited moaned lfGAL-t can‘t bind to-. -. l .- slielhen no expression will be seen regerdiessofthe mutation in 7) Describe how glucocorticoids (a class of steroids) induce gene expression. : ma mloroRNAs {miRNAs}? How are they produced? Describe two 8) The diagram below shows the upstreann region and the core promoter (region B with flan-rs by WHO“ they reguldte gene EXPRESS“- TATA box). The upstream region has been divided into four regions, labeled A-D. To E ‘. $211.13.,“Simmmm’dzzfl”,mfifl’fiflmflimffl -. loop stmemre In It. Drosha cuts ontthe Item loop structure_- 4 on precursor. whlch ls proceeled by Dleer enzyme to shortduplex. Rlsc reels-unless Inls duplex and ellmlnatea one ofthe "‘r’ lll‘i‘ilfifil’fiEI‘tIrflDGKfl’OIIm fl

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