It is important to understand the employee’s health condition and to have reasonable arrangements made prior to these drills, proper options should be in place.

Some major health concerns that affect people at work can increase heart disease. Your job can be stressful at times where you want Toxic leaders can affect you in your health. Stressing over the fact your work goes unnoticed can lead to heart issues and stroke related incidents. We can reduce stress by encouraging a motivating work environment. Employers should allow workers to take proper vacation breaks to spend with families. In the military they give us time off by letting Soldiers taking leave. It is our time to unwind from the stressors of the Army and are able to travel to Home of Record or vacation of our choosing. Flexible hours can help people have more time to work on the personal and professional goals. When work convenes a social event that sets the mood to feeling welcomed. At the social events employees and employers get to know one another and their families. My health and safety concern in my workplace is making sure my DD93 and SGLV is updated. The DD93 is the service member emergency data on who to contact when something happens to service member. The SGLI is a service members life insurance. These have to be updated every year to ensure that the proper people are notified and money is covered by who it is entitled to in the paperwork.


There are numerous health concerns that people face in the workplace on a daily basis. An ideal place of work provides the employee with a pleasant work environment, having realistic timelines and expectations from employees. Having a proper policy in place and if there is one, complying with that policy at management level. There are many other issues such as mental health, bullying, harassment that can contribute to a stressful environment, depression, overeating, hypertension, substance abuse, etc. It can affect an employee’s work effort, commitment, and well-being.

Reducing stress is not just an individual’s job, it is also the employer’s responsibility to provide employees safe and secure evolvement. As an employee one can avoid stressing over things that they can’t be controlled, eliminating interruptions, eating properly and taking rest, identify self-imposing stress, help other team members. Employers can help encourage employees in improving their physical activity. Providing employees with ergonomically options such as a standup desk. Recognizing employees and appreciating their contributions during stressful situations. Lead by example, not just tell employees to decompress but show them by setting an example.

Due to the recent management change in my organization, we have been experiencing significant issues at work. Sitting in front of a computer for 10-12 hours has become the new norm, I don’t have time for lunch anymore due to meetings or unreasonable tasks that are due, co-workers will constantly interrupt you while you are having lunch at your desk, lately I have been taking work at home, I have also worked during my assigned day off or during vacation time, I have worked while I was sick in the last 3 months not because I wanted to work because I had to work.

To help individuals with the long sedentary occupation, my organization has provided standup desks. A workplace injury is another important topic of discussion. We constantly have fire drills at our office, our safe location is more than a mile away. Last year we had a fire drill during one of the very hottest days of the month, which resulted in one of our co-workers having a stroke. She medically retired this year; it was sad to see how life moved on and we didn’t learn anything from the tragedy.

It is important to understand the employee’s health condition and to have reasonable arrangements made prior to these drills, proper options should be in place.

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