Jude’sJewellery is an international retailer of exclusive unique pieces of jewellery and watches…. 1 answer below »

Scenario:Jude’sJewellery website and auction

Jude’sJewellery is an international retailer of exclusive unique pieces of jewellery and watches. Established in 1890, they sell to theworld’srichest clients. All their jewellery is available from one store in London, UK.

Throughout its history,Jude’sJewellery has prided itself on its highly trained staff and their expertise in all aspects of jewellery retailing.

However, sales have been steadily declining as ever fewer customers are willing to travel to the London, UK store to buy their jewellery. Furthermore, the store is starting to amass quite a large stock of unsold items. At a recent board meeting, the idea was raised for the company to open its first E-commerce website and auction site. Although many members of the board thought it a bad idea that would lead to a loss of exclusivity, several did think it was worth investigating.

In coursework assignment 1, you were asked to provide a proposal for an E-commerce website and auction. You are now required to write a detailed design proposal for the new website and online auction. You are also required to write a marketing plan to promote the new website online.

Learning outcomes

The completion of this coursework assignment will allow you to gain an understanding of the following:

How to recall the key material covered to date within the course.

How to design an e-commerce website with an auction facility.

How to identify ways and approaches to online marketing. How to author and present a coherent business report on the technical, development

and marketing issues that must be considered when developing an E-commerce website.


Your coursework should be submitted as a single PDF file, using the following file-naming conventions:

YourName_SRN_COxxxxcw#.pdf (e.g.MarkZuckerberg_920000000_CO3323cw2.pdf)

YourNameis your full name as it appears on your student record (check your student portal)

SRNis your Student Reference Number, for example 920000000;

COXXXXis the course number, for example CO3323; and

cw#is either cw1 (coursework 1) or cw2 (coursework 2).


Important reminder:

It is important that your submitted coursework assignment is your own individual work and, for the most part, written in your own words. You must provide appropriate in-text citation for any paraphrase and/or quotation, with a detailed reference section at the end of your assignment. Copying, plagiarism and unaccredited and wholesale reproduction of material from books, online sources, etc.is unacceptable, and will be penalised (see:How to avoid plagiarism).

Useful background reading for this assignment:

Laudon, K.C. and C.G. TraverE-Commerce 2018(Pearson, 2018) 14thedition [ISBN 9781292251707 (pbk)]

Laudon, K.C. and C.G. TraverE-Commerce 2017(Pearson, 2017) 13thedition [ISBN 9780134601564 (pbk)]

Kenneth C. Laudon and C.G. TraverE-Commerce Essentials(Pearson, 2013) 1st edition [ISBN 9780133544985 (pbk)]


Coursework assignment 2

For this coursework assignment, you will need to prepare a detailed proposal in a business report format. You will need to include a section for each of the following elements in your proposal:

Part A

Using the case study as source material, and your knowledge of E-commerce websites such as eBay and Amazon, you are now required to design and specify an E-commerce website for Jude’sJewellery.

The website must have facilities to enable customers to buy items of jewellery and watches. The website should also have a detailed auction facility. It is important that your design should reflect the type of business Jude’sJewellery is, and the exclusive nature of the products they sell. The website also needs facilities to allow the company to provide the high level of customer service they are famous for.

The following items must be in your design proposal:

1.Create a set of user interfaces and a network diagram for the shopping catalogue and action website. This must show how the pages are interconnected to form the proposed E-commerce service. You must include designs for an interactive catalogue, a user forum, an online auction, search facility and user accounts management.

[20 marks]

2.ProposeFIVEfacilities of the E-commerce website you are designing that can be described as “sticky”. Explain how each of these attributes will encourage customers to return to the site regularly and stay on the website for long periods of time.

[20 marks]

3.Create a set of UML use-case diagrams to describe how customers would interact with your proposed website. These diagrams should clearly identify all the interactions that can be made, and from where within the user interface.

[10 marks]

Part B

Create an Internet marketing plan for the new website and auction facility. This proposal must include the followingFIVEapproaches to marketing online. For each approach, describe how it is implemented and provide a real-world example of a business that uses this approach.

The advertising revenue model

Viral marketing

Blog marketing

Social network marketing

Affiliate marketing

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