**KIM WOODS** wk 5 q1

Engagement in this discussion, will help with comprehension of UOPX Learning Objectives/Competencies 5.3 and 5.4.

From the research designs list below, select one to discuss here. Collect an example from research wherein the research design you selected is applied. It might be an example from research that you already have for the final paper, or another that you like that pertains to psychology. Briefly describe (a) how the research data collected answered the overall research objective, (b) the limitations that the researcher(s) detail when interpreting the results, and (c) how closely your description of limitations from the research example resemble limitations of that same design given in Chapter 11 of our text. Briefly describe with a maximum of 250 words (excluding citations) and use the rubric for participation found in the Instructor Policy document as described in my Welcome message.

  1. One group posttest design
  2. One group pretest only design
  3. Longitudinal design
  4. Cross sectional design
  5. Sequential design

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