Learning how to sell is a skill that can help you with argumentative writing…

ENG 107
Paper 3: Commercialize
Background: Learning how to sell is a skill that can help you with argumentative writing. You need to persuade a person or entity to agree with your concept, and you need to do so through using facts and analysis of those facts.
Task: Identify a problem at either your school or workplace; you can use a former school or workplace if you prefer. You cannot select a topic that has to do with parking. Develop a plan for resolving the problem. Your essay will argue why your plan is the most suitable for fixing the current issues. In arguing this point, you are essentially selling your ideas. Imagine that the school or business will hire you to integrate and execute this plan if the ideas are strong enough. In articulating a plan, you must also examine the possible roadblocks that could arise—in other words, you must incorporate a counterpoint.
Introduction: Your introduction must identify the problem and contain a clear thesis that states the ways in which you will address the problem.
Body Paragraphs: Each section of the paper should articulate a separate part of the plan and why that approach is more successful than others. In at least one section, you must incorporate a counterpoint. Show an awareness of problems that could arise with your plan and how you will resolve them.
Conclusion: Do not simply restate your thesis. Instead, remind the readers of why your plan is the most suitable for resolving this issue.
Requirements: This paper must be typed, double-spaced, and in Times New Roman font size 12. Maintain 1” margins throughout the paper. You must use the correct heading, which is posted on Moodle. You must use APA style for this paper, and you must use at least one outside reputable source. This paper must be written in third person. The paper absolutely must be stapled. Points are deducted if the requirements, including stapling, are not met. Thepaper must be four full pages long. If you do not submit a paper on October 18 or have an unexcused absence on this date, you will have a zero from peer review, and you lose the opportunity to receive feedback from me—unless you have an excused absence.Your due date will be November 1 with no opportunity for revision. You may, however, submit as few (at least one full page) or as many pages as you wish on October 18. I will grade the first drafts. Of course, submitting a full paper optimizes your feedback and grade. However, you may then revise the paper by November 1 for a new grade. If you submit a late paper or have an unexcused absence on November 1, you will lose 10 points on your grade. If you have an excused absence, bring your documentation and the paper when you return to class.
Grading: Please see the accompanying rubric.
Peer Review: Creating first drafts is part of this class. In order to receive full peer-review credit, you must bring in your paper on Thursday, October 18. If you bring in fewer than four pages on the 18, your initial grade on the paper will obviously be lower as a result; however, you will not lose peer-review credit. If it is unstapled or if you bring in only one copy, you will lose three points for each issue. If you do not bring in a paper on this date, you will have a zero for peer review.

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