Length: 2500 words, including in-text references but excluding reference list, tables, figures… 1 answer below »

Length: 2500 words, including in-text references but excluding reference list, tables, figures and appendices (+/- 10% margin)

Due: 5:00 pm, Friday 7 September 2018, by LMS submission

Weight:50% of total mark for this subject

Description: You are required to submit a Media Report as part of your assessment in conformity to the instructions on essay presentation set out in the School of Culture and Communication Essay Writing Guide(though here you may want to make use of sub-headings and appendices if appropriate for the presentation of your report). You will be required to choose an instance of media crisis reporting; deploy methods of analysis; generate and present original empirical findings; relate these findings to previous studies and/or relevant positions of theory and debate; and reflect on the adequacy of your own approach. In developing this report, you will be expected to engage with existing studies and reflect on your own analysis in relation to existing theoretical frameworks and empirical findings. Such studies may provide examples of theoretical and methodological approaches you may wish to draw upon in developing your own study, or they may lead you to develop an alternative approach. You are expected to develop a research plan early in semester, which you will present to the seminar group during the workshop in week 4.

Criteria: Your media report will be assessed on the following criteria:Methodology – the methods of collecting and analysing material have been clearly explained, and are able to generate valid and reliable scholarly insights;Analysis – the analysis has been carried out in a rigorous scholarly manner, in accordance with academic norms and protocols for the chosen method/s. The analysis generates interesting and/or original scholarly insights or findings;Argument – the report develops a clear and well-supported argument or position on the topic;Research & Scholarly Engagement – the report draws on a breadth of relevant academic writing, and engages closely and critically with key arguments and debates relevant to the chosen topic;Structure – the report is clear and well organised, with a clear and comprehensive introduction, well-structured paragraphs, and a proper conclusion;Style & Presentation – the report is well written and presented, and free from spelling, grammatical and typographical errors; andCitations & Reference List – the essay cites sources correctly, and includes a complete and well-presented reference list.

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