Literature Review: Introduction and Summary 1 answer below »

In the previous assignment, you created a draft of the body of the literature review (Chapter 2) for your dissertation. Once the body of a chapter is completed, the introduction and summary follow naturally in the writing process. In this assignment, you will draft the introduction and summary of the review of the literature for your intended study.
Doctoral learners are required to use APA style for their writing assignments.
Draft the Introduction to your literature review (Chapter 2). The Introduction should include, among other items, an opening sentence that describes the topic to be investigated, a description of the importance of the topic to the field, and a summary of the themes to be addressed in chapter (the literature review).Draft the Summary to your literature review (Chapter 2). Among other ideas, the Summary should note the conflicting information (tensions) and omitted information (gaps) in the existing literature, describe how the study you are doing is new and different, and identify how your study will add scholarly value to the field of study.

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