Master Class “A career in marketing: myths and reality” presented his company Reckitt Benckiser…. 1 answer below »

Master Class "A career in marketing: myths and reality"presented his companyReckitt Benckiser.Your report has to be based on VEET-shaving product for men. The advertisement you could see during the Master Class.The report needs to contain (should focus on) the following information:What marketing challenges do you think have been faced by Reckitt Benckiser when launching VEET (brand of products originally launched for women) in the men segment?What strategic reasons do you consider to be the key ones for Reckitt Benckiser behind the launch of VEET for men?How will you critically analyze the success/failure of VEET – shaving product for men?You are expected to conduct a research and work with articles, reports and other materials to complement the background information received in the Master must be 1500 words and harward referencing system

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