MNG81001 Management Communication – Evaluation and analysis of the company’s CSR activities… 1 answer below »

2. Evaluation and analysis of the company's CSR activities
This section includes the two tables.
Write approx. 200 words about the tables.
Introduction and conclusion required for each question or section
Choose a different point size and style to sub heading
You need to decide on the style for your headings.
Headings can be in a contrasting typeface, such as Arial or Helvetica.
Use Arabic numerals, and follow this pattern:
First level: 1
Second level: 1.1
Third level: 1.1.1
Do not use more than three levels of heading.
The essential basic elements of introducing tables. The main text should:
(a) tell the reader when to look at a table (and so this reference should appear before the table in single column text);
(b) introduce the contents of the table
(c) point out any key features or trends which the reader should take a note of
(d) draw a conclusion from the table or figure which answers the ‘So what?’ question.
Refer to figures and tables
Make specific reference to each figure and table. Do not assume that the reader will make the necessary connection between the text and the figure or table. Write something about each figure and table. Refer to each figure or table in the text by its figure or table number (see examples below). Remember to guide the reader in interpreting the information in the table or figure. What does the table show? What specific point are you making?

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