PDR-226890 Personality Disorders Please follow the link for detail… 1 answer below »

PDR-226890 Personality Disorders Please follow the link for detail: http://jmp.sh/hmK8hMT 8 pages, 10 APA references
Psychologists deal with many personality disorders on a daily basis. The personality disorders have some common characteristics which make it easy to diagnose and treat. Others have common trends which are an enduring pattern of behavior and experience that can result to significant social functioning impairment and personal distress.
Some of these disorders can be fairly treated while others are incurable and hard to handle (Long, 2015). As such, some of these disorders can harm the patient or people around the patient. That is why it is vital to understand these common disorders and know how to handle a person suffering from such kinds of disorders. Dependent personality disorder (DPD) is a chronic condition in which an individual highly depends on another person to meet their physical and emotional needs (Sharon, 2009). People with this disorder tend to have clingy behaviors because they have an excessive need to be taken care of and loved. In this regard, this study will discuss dependant personality disorder; discuss its symptoms and its impacts on relationships.

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