Pre-departure training for Mark and his family.

First read Cases 1 4, 5, and 8 to get an idea of situations like you will be presented with. You may want to read Chapter 8 from the required reading in Unit 5. For this assignment, you will develop a training and repatriation program for an expatriate employee.

Using the information you developed in the assignment from Unit 3 (product, country and staffing approach) continue with this scenario:

Mark Anderson, a 36 year old married male, will be sent to [your country] to work in the sales office of your medium-sized consumer products company. Depending on the staffing approach you chose in Week 3 – you will need to decide on Mark’s position in the sales office. Mark will take is wife Susan who is an elementary school teacher and their son, David who is in the 7th grade.

Mark’s assignment is for 3 years. He and his family will then move back to the company’s headquarters to work.

You will need to develop a plan for:

Pre-departure training for Mark and his family.

In-country training for Mark and his family.

Repatriation program for Mark.

Position and compensation for Mark upon ending his assignment.

Papers should be

5 pages in length (not including title and reference pages)

Reflect APA guidelines

title page

reference page

in-text citations

A minimum of four references are required

All papers will be graded for content, clarity, grammar/spelling, and appropriate use of APA formatting guidelines

Resources to read to give you an idea.

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