Problems that are too large or abstract will be extremely difficult to write about in a detailed and

Problems that are too large or abstract will be extremely difficult to write about in a detailed and precise manner given the length constraints of this assignment. If you have selected a large-scale topic (U.S. immigration, global warming), consider how you can narrow your focus to make your topic more manageable. Before you get too far along with your project, do some preliminary research to identify what solutions have already been proposed to solve this problem. Identify what you like or dislike about these proposed solutions and whether you have something to offer to existing conversations about an issue. If no solution has been previously discussed, consider the reasons for why this is. Likewise, if it is not obvious to others that a problem does exist, youll need to convince your audience of that first. After studying existing positions and solutions about your selected problem, formulate a solution that will address, solve, or resolve that problem. Your solution does not necessarily have to resolve the entirety of a problem. In your introduction, explain the problem and address an audience who can benefit from and participate in the solution your proposal addresses. Your proposed plan of action should be both possible and desirable, and you will need to explore the costs and benefits (the feasibility) of your solution.The majority of your paper should advocate a particular plan for addressing the identified problem. Provide a detailed description of your solution in your body paragraphs. Each step in your proposal must be well-researched and credible. You will need to include evidence that supports your claims and anticipates the objections that readers might have to the consequences of implementing your solution. You are expected to use the library resources available to you. You may also conduct field research to support your position (e.g. interviewing an expert, surveying a representative group of people, observing patterns). If you use field research, make sure to verify your findings with published and credible sources. At least one of your outside sources should focus an alternative solution to your problem or should speak to why this problem has not already been solved.By the end of your proposal, your audience should have a clear plan of action that is feasible and relevant to them. Your solution should present a solution that is mutually beneficial for both you and your audience.Assignment Requirements and Formatting
Section I: Front Matter
Title page:
Provides the title of your proposal, to whom the report is submitted, who wrote the report, and the date. Type each of these items on a separate line, and center each line.Executive summary:
Provides the title of the proposal and name of the writer at the top. Then, states in one paragraph the problem and describes the solution.Section II: Text (Body)
The final draft of your proposal should include each of the following sections. Create your own descriptive sub-heading for each section.Statement of the problem: Introduces the problem. Establishes the relevance of the problem for your intended readers. of the solution: Describes the solution and the steps needed to implement it.Explanation of reasons: Provides your reasoning (your evidence) in support of your proposed solution. Also, in this section you will need to consider the available alternatives, as well as likely counterarguments to your solution and to what length you need to address them.Conclusion: This section not only summarizes and reinforces your main points, but it also considers the larger implications of your solution, considers if there are further solutions to consider, or issues a call to action.Section III: Works Cited Page
Start this portion of the document on a new page. Make sure to follow exactly the citation guide in your textbook when working on each citation. The works cited list is never numbered but is always alphabetized. Every reference on the list should match a clearly labeled in-text citation in the body of your proposal.

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