project procurement plan that reflects the goals and objectives for the project.

The intended outcome for this assignment is to get commitment and buy-in from senior leadership/C-suite for your project. Remember this document is one in a series of deliverables that can be used to move a project forward.

Starting with the feedback you received in the discussions in Unit 2, you will be building upon your project scope and charter documents to create a project procurement plan that reflects the goals and objectives for the project.

Start by forecasting the budgetary requirements for the project.

Cost Estimate

Based on the project’s objectives, in a workplace setting you would use Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, or other appropriate software of your choice to forecast the budgetary requirements for the project. For the purposes of this assignment, use the Project Cost Estimate template as a guide for your forecasting. You will find the template linked in Resources.

As part of the budget, define the constraints, dependencies, and assumptions. Also, forecast the time and resources required to coordinate the work and meet project objectives.

Project Procurement Plan

Compose your document in the form and style that is expected by senior leadership in the scenario you selected in Unit 1. Note: If your workplace does not have a prescribed format, search the Internet for examples and select a style that best fits this assignment.

Be certain your written plan includes the following elements:

Refined project scope and project charter.

A description of the processes for conducting and administering procurement, including how the relevant procurement management tools and techniques will be used.

Budgetary requirements: a summary of project cost estimates.

Attach a cost estimate spreadsheet as an addendum to your plan.

A request for action.

Additional Requirements

Written communication: Your project procurement plan should be professionally written in a form and style appropriate for the intended audience. Consider the purpose of the document, its intended use, and the setting in which your project is being executed.

Document format: Submit your project procurement plan as a Microsoft Word document. You may embed other Microsoft files, such as Excel files, in your document or submit them as attachments.

APA formatting: Resources and citations should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting standards.


Getting Commitment and Buy-In Scoring Guide.

Project Cost Estimate Template.

Capella Writing Center.

APA Style and Format.


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