I have to write an analytical essay on “Me Talk Pretty One Day” and I need help with these question figuring out how I am going to write this essay APA style. The pages depend on how long these questions are answered.

The last four question I could not upload but I will write them down.

11) Write 1-2 sentences that explain how this piece of evidence supports your claim (from Question 2). Then, write 4 or more sentences that explain your reaction to the author’s key point (e.g., do you agree or disagree with this key point and its evidence? Do you think the author met his/her goal with the evidence that is being presented? Does additional information need to be included?) Remember to elaborate on your reaction.

12) In conclusion, rephrase your claim as stated in Question 2.

13) Write 3-4 sentences that summarize your reaction to the author’s key supporting points (Questions 3-11)

14) Explain at least 2 insights* about your claim established through your analysis.

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