Research Proposal and Literature Review…

?You are required to think of an interesting business-research idea and develop this idea into a formal, clearly-articulated research question – a problem-statement. This question will be used as the organising framework for a critical literature review of previous academic research in the area. ?Assignment 3 has two related stages. The first is to convert your idea into aresearchable questionusing the techniques taught in the first two weeks of the unit. The second is to write acritical literature reviewusing the methods taught in week 3 of the unit. ?The overall objective is to produce a formal research question and set of research objectives based on a rigorous assessment of the available evidence on the topic. This will be the basis for your development of the project report in Assignment 3. ?You are encouraged to discuss your research idea(s) with your lecturer and fellow students in the workshops/tutorials as well as study the materials for the first three weeks of the unit carefully. You will start with a general research idea and, as you go through the literature review, you will modify and hone your question into a clear and concise statement that could form the basis of a research design.

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