Please, write one paragraph response to the following discussion by using one reference from peer-reviewed Nursing Journal not older than 5 years.

APA required, title page is not required.

How the Structure, Mission, and Philosophy Creates the Culture of the HSSC

            The organization that I had the pleasure of doing my Capstone practicum at was the Broward College Health Sciences Simulation Center (HSSC). The mission of this organization is to provide quality, interprofessional, experiential learning, using the best high-fidelity healthcare simulation practices. The HSSC focuses in preparing students and other healthcare professionals to be confident, compassionate, and competent in their field. This organization provides a safe and controlled environment where the faculty can offer guidance. They practice using tools, such as SBAR, that will be used in the real-world so there is a feel of better preparation.

            Healthcare system is an organization of people and resources to deliver services to meet the health needs of a targeted populations (Pina et al., 2015). This simulation center helps prepare the future healthcare professionals by guiding them through scenarios that they may come across in the field. It is such a benefit for students to come to this organization to utilize the equipment and gain knowledge and skills. Since the mission is to prepare healthcare students, while I was completing my Capstone I was able to see the relationship between the faculty and students which showed professionalism and direction. They were honoring their mission and philosophy which is to prepare these students to be safe health professionals.

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