Running head: LITERATURE REVIEW Cholera in Iraq 1 LITERATURE REVIEW 2 Cholera in Iraq– A Literature Review Cholera is a disease brought on by…

I need power point slides for my presentations, Please find the attached files here.

Fall 2016 PH 690 Global Health PowerPoint Presentation Instructions

•With the information you gathered for your Research Paper, you will now create an intriguing visual PowerPoint and present it to the class.

•Each section of your PowerPoint slides should be a logical portion of your research paper.  The last section should be references which should be done APA style. Where needed, throughout the PowerPoint slides, there should be proper APA citation.  The reference section should only include works cited in the slides.

•You should include pictures / charts or graphs in your slides to complement the written information…NEATNESS and OVERALL APPEAL are crucial in getting your message and information across to the viewer.  

•Your presentation should be between 8 minutes long and 2 minutes for questions; practice it several times beforehand!  Peer reviewers will be expected to ask questions as part of the evaluation. 

Total -40 points

The overall appearance of the poster is professional and engages viewer’s interest. 10 pointsImages (photos, diagrams, figures, charts) support and enhance factual content. 10 pointsNo spelling or grammar errors. 10 pointsAPA-style reference section done properly. 10 points

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CHOLERAIs an infectious disease which isgenerally caused in humans by abacteria named vibrio cholera SYMPTOMS IN AN UNTREATED PATIENTDiarrheaRecurrent vomitingWatery stools which further…

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