“The International Marketplace”…It is a very well written case prepared by one of the authors… 1 answer below »

"The International Marketplace"…It is a very well written case prepared by one of the authors IIkka A. Ronkainen regarding "China: The Next Aerospace Giant" that pursues new global market entry..!! Note Please answer questions 1 through 3 in page # 643) ..Each answer should be at least 300 words of written context a minimum of half page..!! Use APA style of writing…………………… You must also complement your textbook reference with at least two more references sources from the FNU Electronic Library (LRN Code 24439)

1. The Chinese systems integrator strategy is to use joint ventures with Western firms to fill key knowledge gaps. What challenges can Chinese firms encounter when depending on other sources?

2. General Electric is an important Western partner. What problem could this cause for General Electric?

3. What other partnerships may further legitimize the C919?

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