The purpose of this assignment is to complete and submit an annotated bibliography. Your references.

The purpose of this assignment is to complete and submit an annotated bibliography. Your references should consist of at least ten peer-reviewed journal articles, government publications, or industry materials. Use the reference listing attached. You will write a short paragraph based on the details outlined below describing each of your sources. Examples can be found attached.


Specifically: Provide a complete reference listing formatted in accordance with APA requirements. Describe the purpose of the reference source. Why was it written? What was the result of the research/investigation? What does the reference show? How is this applicable to your project research paper?

You will be evaluated on the quality of your references as well as the applicability of the content.

Annotated Bibliography Template


Ehrenreich, B. (2001). Nickel and dimed: On (not) getting by in America. New York: Henry Holt

and  Company


In this to ascertain whether it is currently possible for an individual to live on a minimum-wage in America. Taking jobs as a waitress, a maid in a cleaning service, and a Walmart sales employee, the author summarizes and reflects on her work, her relationships with fellow workers, and her financial struggles in each situation.

An experienced journalist, Ehrenreich is aware of the limitations of her experiment and the ethical implications of her experiential research tactics and reflects on these issues in the text. The author is forthcoming about her methods and supplements her experiences with scholarly research on her places of employment, the economy, and the rising cost of living in America. Ehrenreich’s project is timely, descriptive, and well-researched.


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Bjerke, E., Smith, G., Smith, M., Christensen, C., Carney, T., Craig, P., &Niemczyk, M. (2016). Pilot source study 2015: US regional airline pilot hiring background characteristic changes consequent to Public Law 111-216 and the FAA first officer qualifications rule. Journal of Aviation Technology and Engineering, 5(2), 1.

Clifton, T. (2016). 22. The Effects of Pilot Shortage on the Industry.

Cummings, M. L., Stimpson, A., &Clamann, M. (2016). Functional requirements for onboard intelligent automation in single pilot operations. In AIAA Infotech@ Aerospace (p. 1652).

Lutte, B. (2018). Pilot supply at the regional airlines: Airline response to the changing environment and the impact on pilot hiring. Journal of Aviation/Aerospace Education & Research, 27(1), 1-22.

Manderino, F., &Nettey, I. R. (2019). Investigation of the Potential for an Aircraft Dispatcher Shortage in the United States. The Collegiate Aviation Review International, 37(1).

McCullough, A. (2017). The High Cost of the Pilot Shortage. Air Force Magazine, 30.

McGee, M. (2015). Air transport pilot supply and demand.

Mehl, C. E. (2016). Managing the United States airline pilot shortage. Capella University.

Parrish, K. (2017). Congress probes military pilot shortage. DoD News.

Robbert, A. A., Rosello, A. D., Anderegg, C. R., Ausink, J. A., Bigelow, J. H., Taylor, W. W., & Pita, J. (2015). Reducing Air Force fighter pilot shortages. RAND PROJECT AIR FORCE SANTA MONICA CA SANTA MONICA.

Stimpson, A. J., Ryan, J. C., & Cummings, M. L. (2016, September). Assessing pilot workload in single-pilot operations with advanced autonomy. In Proceedings of the Human Factors and

Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting (Vol. 60, No. 1, pp. 675-679). Sage CA: Los Angeles, CA: SAGE Publications.

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