The topic for this week’s Discussion Board writing is the Kate Chopin short story, “The Story of… 1 answer below »

The topic for this week's Discussion Board writing is the Kate Chopin short story, "The Story of an Hour,"

Write your first response to the story in your notebook or journal. Based on your first response, write your initial Discussion Board post. I suggest reading the Essay Two assignment before writing this discussion board. The two are closely related.

Here is a suggested topic. Or write about your own topic:

Do you think the writer, Kate Chopin, wrote "The Story of an Hour" to further a women's movement or feminist agenda? If so, in what way does the story promote such an agenda?

If, on the other hand, you don't see the story as in sympathy with the feminist movement, what do you believe was the author's purpose in writing the story–or what theme(s) do you see the story embodying?

After writing your initial post, respond to at least two other students' first posts. This week try to engage other students in adialog if possible. If someone responds to your first post, the discussion thread does not have to be over. A back and forth exchange would be very helpful–especially for this assignment. Only a few students are taking full advantage of the interactive possibilities of the discussion board.

The guidelines for this week's writing and responses are the same as for previous weeks. Remember to either write your posts and responses in the text box or copy and paste into the text box from a Word file. Do not attach your post.

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