This assignment must be submitted to TurnItIn. No coping material Question 1. 350 words… 1 answer below »

This assignment must be submitted to TurnItIn. No coping material

Question 1. 350 words

Discussion: Understanding Systematic Reviews

Research topic: How HIV and AIDS Education may Influence young Adults to change their life style in Nakuru Kenya?

Systematic review has been used to combine research related to public health. Reviewing a published systematic review will assist you in understanding the use of this study design.

Use any university’s library and Academic Search Premier and the search terms "systematic review" and "public health" to identify published studies. Limit the search to articles published in the last year. Then introduce another broad search term based on your interests. From the final list of articles, select one to use for this discussion. You must use a true quantitative or qualitative systematic review for this discussion and your Week 1 assignment. Your chosen published systematic review will be used multiple times during this course. Read the article and post narrative responses to the following questions:

1. How were the included articles identified? Do you agree?

2. What criteria, if any, was used to exclude articles? Why?

3. Were included studies qualitative, quantitative, or both?

4. How does the methodology of the included studies affect the systematic review?

5. Was a systematic review appropriate in this situation? Why or why not?

6. How might the results influence public health?

Question 2. 350 words

Week 1 – Discussion: Topic Selection

Post Discussion: Topic Selection

1. What topic have you selected?

2. How did you select this topic?

3. What problem will you address with your research?

4. What research questions relate to your problem?

5. Will you be able to use a systematic review to contribute to the body of knowledge on your topic? Why or why not?


Bui, Y. (2014).How to write a master's thesis. Los Angeles, CA: Sage Publications

Bolland, A., Cherry, G., & Dickson, R. (Eds.) (2014).Doing a systematic review; a student's guide. Los Angeles, CA: Safe Publications

Question 3.

Assignment: Systematic Review Checklist

Submit Assignment: Systematic Review Checklist

This week, you have been learning about systematic reviews and have been asked to identify your topic, research question(s), and hypotheses. A thorough review of already published systematic reviews can provide you with ideas and examples that you can use in your research. Using the published quantitative or qualitative systematic review article you chose for this week's discussion, complete the Systematic Review Checklist

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