To promote successful execution of strategies, organizations should undertake which of the following strategies?

__________ refers to the values that are subscribed to and fostered by society in general and by individuals within society.

Question options:

a) Ethics

b) Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

c) Morality

d) Social responsibility

Question 2

Managers can play a role in promoting ethical behavior on the job by:

Question options:

a) maintaining sound financial standards.

b) implementing total quality.

c) ensuring customer satisfaction.

d) developing written ethics guidelines.

Question 3

Which one of the following is NOT a category of competitive strategy?

Question options:

a) Cost leadership

b) Product positioning

c) Market-niche

d) Differentiation

Question 4

__________ is a balanced approach for organizations to address economic, social, and environmental issues in a way that aims to benefit people, communities, and society.

Question options:

a) Best-ratio ethics

b) Corporate social responsibility

c) Full-potential ethics

d) The balanced scorecard

Question 5

The firm’s __________ establish the framework which will define(s) its attitudes and policies for all employees.

Question options:

a) mission

b) vision

c) values or guiding principles

d) strategy

Question 6

Which of the following statements does NOT apply when developing a mission statement?

Question options:

a) Include the how-to statements

b) Describe the “who, what, and where” of the organization

c) Be brief, but comprehensive

d) Choose wording that is simple

Question 7

From a __________ perspective, resources are wasted unless they contribute to success in the marketplace, and the more direct the contribution, the better.

Question options:

a) global economic

b) customer service

c) strategic manager’s

d) world-class manufacturing

Question 8

The firm’s __________ describe(s) where the organization is headed.

Question options:

a) mission

b) vision

c) values or guiding principles

d) strategy

Question 9

When handling an ethical dilemma, managers should select the option that will most likely:

Question options:

a) pass the various ethics tests.

b) build strength in the organization.

c) adopt a black-and-white approach.

d) cause the least amount of conflict.

Question 10

The __________ approach to ethics is a pragmatic approach based on the belief that people are basically good.

Question options:

a) best-ratio

b) black-and-white

c) full-potential

d) morally responsible

Question 11

Values that lead to ethical behavior include fairness, honesty, truthfulness, and:

Question options:

a) contribution.

b) self-development.

c) dependability.

d) quality performance.

Question 12

Existing literature generally agrees on three dimensions of sustainability. Which of the following is NOT one of them?

Question options:

a) Operational

b) Economic

c) Social

d) Environmental

Question 13

Which of the following is NOT one of the elements of total quality that depend on trust?

Question options:

a) Employee involvement

b) Training

c) Problem solving

d) Conflict management

Question 14

The __________ consists of the specific tactics, projects, and activities for achieving broad strategic objectives.

Question options:

a) action plan

b) strategic plan

c) SWOT analysis

d) business model

Question 15

When providing ethics training, it is important to:

Question options:

a) facilitate, don’t preach.

b) stimulate discussion.

c) highlight practical applications.

d) All of the above are important.

Question 16

An __________ is any characteristic or capability that puts the organization at a competitive disadvantage.

Question options:

a) external threat

b) internal threat

c) environmental weakness

d) organizational weakness

Question 17

An organization’s responsibilities for ensuring ethical behavior include:

Question options:

a) paying whistleblowers to speak up.

b) creating an ethical environment.

c) establishing in-house courts and juries.

d) refusing to talk to the media.

Question 18

One of the best ways managers can help build trust is to:

Question options:

a) ensure that organizational guidelines are followed.

b) protect the interests of those who are not present at the time as if they were.

c) promote responsibility and total quality expectations.

d) demonstrate integrity and ethical behavior.

Question 19

To promote successful execution of strategies, organizations should undertake which of the following strategies?

Question options:

a) Eliminate administrative barriers

b) Conduct a secondary SWOT analysis

c) Hold a stakeholder’s gap analysis

d) Contract with an execution specialist

Question 20

The cs of trust, integrity, and __________ are part of the value system of total quality.

Question options:

a) morality

b) responsibility

c) vision

d) legality

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