Two Reflective Essays…………………………. 1 answer below »

All assessments should have a Cover Sheet/Page (supplied) that specifies:
? Unit Code & Unit Name
? Student Name
? Student Identification number
? Title of assignment
? An accurate word count including in-text citations, but not the end references.
Academic standards require:
? May use first person;
? APA 6th edition for in-text citations and reference list;
? Adherence to word count;
? 12 size font in either Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri;
? 2.0 spacing.
? Relate to nursing
? An introduction, body and conclusion or as per directions in the assessment
? Note: No PDF’s & Penalties will incur on late submissions.
? Please refer to VU APA Referencing Video & APA Referencing all formats (supplied).
? Minimum four references.
? Refer to rubrics found in VU Collaborate.
? Submitted via VU Collaborate.
? Make clear the specific population group you are discussing and outline the
characteristics of the population group (you need to introduce the
features/behaviours/qualities/traits of your chosen population which make them a
distinct population group).

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