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Violent Video Games and Kids[JK2]
Jean Luc
Wilmington University
Violent Video Games and Kids
The things that can be seen or heard from children [JK3]sooner or later they will affect them. An example of positive parenting shows that we must limit the display of violence to our children's welfare. Unfortunately, violence is the most popular type of entertainment. [JK4]More than 60% of TV programs broadcast during key time include several types of violence’s. [JK5]There is the 2 opposite parts of these questions.[JK6]The Violent video games and the other types of entertainments are called secure entertainment, while some people say violence is violence. Parents of video games are seen as a waste of time. What's worse, some learning experts think this game will destroy the brain. Playing violent video games is very easy to be charged by the media. Some experts say that such youthful people have become violent and also social behaviors, however many psychologists and scientists have found that VG really have a lot of profit, mainly to make children smart; electronic. Video game changes our brain, "said Wisconsin psychologist Union Sean Green[JK7]. Video playing games can change the brain's physical structure, like reading to read, play piano, or use the map to navigate, similarly, a component of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and reward surges cause brain build there is an increase in the circuits of the neural system these video games are always a problem in the United States. [JK8]Most of the peoples believe that the VVG must be ban and claiming that there is the negative impact on the people. If we are violent and in violation of the horrific incidents of video games, such as part of the food equivalent to food, VVG must not banned, as VVG violate the fourteenth amendment, violent video games, reduce violence and reduce violence, violence video game grows and coordinates in visual skills.A huge number of a young kid who plays VVG committed act of violence, reduced their emotional feelings, and also usually have a mental disorder. Some research indicates that the players are showing their skills. People who play video games generally have better viewing capabilities than those who does not play and play several video games. These mean that people who play video games are more useful, people around[JK9] them, or they help to get better our people. Between the 1995 moreover 2008, violent video game production was huge, so the number of child crimes has also decreased dramatically[JK10].
[JK1]Your running head needs to be a shortened version of your title. [JK2]Your title needs to be original and speak to your argument [JK3]This is passive voice. Change to when children [JK4]This is an overgeneralization [JK5]Where is this statistic from? [JK6]This sentence doesn’t make sense. Please revise. [JK7]Begin sentence with who stated the information first. [JK8]Reword this. This information also needs an in text citation [JK9]Where is your thesis statement? What are you arguing in this paper.
This is also missing essential background information on the history of video games as well as the culture surrounding video games,
[JK10]Your introduction was missing many important parts. Please revisit the directions.

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