What intervention strategies have been offered to the interviewee in the workplace?

As introduced in Week 3, you will now conduct an interview. Your interview summary will be due in Week 6.

Interview someone who self-identifies with one of the mental conditions described by Thomas & Hersen (2002) in Part III. Examples of individuals to interview include, but are not limited to, someone:

  • seeking therapy for depression
  • with ADD or panic attacks
  • with a traumatic brain injury from illness or accident
  • diagnosed with dissociative disorder or schizophrenia

The interviewee may or may not be employed at the time of the interview. Explain to the person that you will be writing a summary of the interview for a university assignment, but will include no identifying information on him or her or on the company. Ask the interviewee to provide you with a description of how the condition affects him or her in the workplace. Ask what, if any, are effects on work performance and relationships in the workplace because of the condition.

What intervention strategies have been offered to the interviewee in the workplace? What would the person like the organization or management to offer?

Prepare your summary to post in Week 6. Write a summary of the interview, without giving the interviewee’s name. Include the condition, age, and gender of the interviewee. Provide a general description of the work environment without including any specific identifying information about the company. Include research from scholarly sources regarding workplace interventions related to this condition in providing additional ideas for treatment and/or interventions the company could implement to help others in the same situation.

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