Which philosopher’s theory of moral virtue states that virtues are habits that enables a person to live according to reason, by habitually choosing the mean between extremes in actions and emotions?

. Which is NOT a requirement for a facility to be considered a sweatshop?

a. unmitigated health and safety hazards

b. high temperature

c. poor working conditions

d. unfair wages

2. which organizational layer can be said to generate specific plans and instructions from broad directions?

a. operating layer

b. middle management

c. top management

d. none of the above

3.. Whistle blowing can have what consequence?

a. being ostrcized at work

b. loss of employemnt

c. negative reputation

d. all of the above

4. How have most businesses adapted to information technology developments?

a. they have become larger and more unwidely

b. they have become more hierarchical

c. they have flatter, smaller and more nimble.

d. they have become more profitable

5. How much of General Electric’s revenues is from outside the United States?

a. none

b. one quarter

c. almost half

d. more than half

6. UNOCAL worked witih the Burmese army to push the pipeline using

a. low-wage workers

b. forced labor

c. unethical land reclamation schemes

d. none of the above

7 How did Eli Lilly test its pharmaceuticals?

a. by recruting individuals from a wide swathe of society

b. by recruting the homless

c. by recruting prisoners

d. by recruting middle-class workers

8. Which philosopher’s theory of moral virtue states that virtues are habits that enables a person to live according to reason, by habitually choosing the mean between extremes in actions and emotions?

a. Immanuel Kant

b. Pincoffs

c. Aristotle

d. St. Thomas Aquinas

9. What is the ” hardwired” Intention Principle?

a. Harming by action is worse that harming by omission

b. Harming by omission is worse than harming by ignorance

c. Harming by physical contact is worse that without physical contact.

d. Harming anyone for any reason is wrong

10. What is the main purpose of rights?

a. to provide everyone with necessities such as food and water

b. to provide justice and fairness to all

c. to enable individual to choose freely and to protect those choices

d. to keep people from harming each other

11. which of the following is an ethical rule governing contracts?

a. the contract must be fair

b. the contract must be enforceeable

c. the contract must be specific

d. the contract must not be immoral

12 According to the International Labor organization, how many children are estimated to be working today?

a. 500,00.00

b. 13 million

c. 122 million

d. 218 million

13.During the financial crisis in 2008 , Georgia W. Bush asked U.S. Congress to pass legislation to create a Troubled Asset Relief Program(TARP) in the amount of ______

a. $1 trillion

b. $90 billion

c. $80 billion

d. $70 billion

14. According to Marx, what are the only sources of income in a capitalist system?

a. sale of one’s own labor

b. sale of one’s means of production and private property

c. sale of one’s labor and ownership of means of production

d. profiting from the labor of others and ownership of means of production

15. What did Marx believe to be the actual function of government?

a. encourage nationalism

b. protect the interest of the ruling class

c. spread wealth within the borders of the country

d. set up a system of labor

16. China and Singapore are example of what types of economies?

a. ones that favor free markets and globalization

b. ones that favor individuals property rights

c. one that favor government intervention

d. one that favor competition

17. In the ADM case, what did ADM and the other companies do to fix the market prices for lysine?

a. they bullied the buyers into accepting a specific price

b. They agreed on the price for which the companies sold the product, and they agreed on limits of production.

c. they each agreed to produce only a certain amount of lysine per year

d. They agreed on the price for which the companies would sell the product, but they were free to produce as much as they liked.

18. Which of the following is a characteristic of a perfectly free economy?

a. There are only a few buyers and sellers who have a substantial share of the market.

b. Goods being sold in the market are extremely similar to one another

c. the government regulates prices of goods being bought and sold in the market.

d. None of the above

19. Which view regarding oligopolies argues that oligopolies stifle competition and should be broken up?

a. the antitrust view

b. the do- nothing view

c. the regulation view

d. none of the above

20. Which of the following would negatively impact the effectiveness of market theory consumer protection?

Low prices


High prices

Many competitors

21. Which of the following would be considered a deceptive advertisement?

A. One in which the author accidentally includes information he or she knows to be false

B. One in which the author purposely includes information he or she knows to be false

C. One in which the author includes false information that is obviously false to the audience

D. All of the above

22. The social cost view improves utility in what way?

A. Improves employment through greater manufacturing output

B. Decreases workplace accidents through government regulation

C. Internalizes the costs of injuries and accidents to the manufacturer

D. All of the above

23. Which is NOT a view on the duty of a business to its customers?

A. duty of care view

B. social costs view

C. contract view

D. normative view

24. According to a 2001 study, how many tons of toxic pesticides do U.S. companies export to other nations every hour?

a. 1 ton

b. 90 tons

c. 45 tons

d. 200 tons

25. Which, on average, will have the largest negative impact on expected income?

A. being female

B. being Hispanic

C. being black

D. being male

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