Why are many Americans choosing not to marry or postponing marriage? 



Respond to one of the following questions:


1.  Online dating services have become increasingly popular.  For this week’s discussion, turn your sociological eye to cyberdating, or online dating. Start by discussing trends in cyberdating. How and why is it changing modern dating and mate selection? How is cyberdating similar to, or different than, past courtship or dating practices?  In your discussion also address what kinds of information one must disclose to participate, whether there are certain qualities or audiences that various sites might appeal to, and what the outcomes of using these sites seem to be. How has the prevalence of dating apps impacted this trend?  Finally, consider which theory from earlier reading/s can be applied to this type of dating and explain your choice.


2.  Why are many Americans choosing not to marry or postponing marriage?  Why has cohabitation increased?  In what way are these topics related?  In your discussion, address social factors that may impact these statistics (such as race, sex ratio, etc.) as well as address the perception of marriage in contemporary society.


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