Write a Persuasive Speech about Illegal immigrants

Write a Persuasive Speech about Illegal immigrants

Speech should be two typewritten pages in length (double Spaced) with no header, heading or title.

Be sure to STATE your thesis early and forcefully in your speech. Make the purpose of your speech clear and immediately what you are trying to persuade your audience to do. Underline and bold your thesis statement. This is NOT a report on your topic, it is your opinion. Take a stand!

Acknowledge the individual opposing viewpoints of your position and strongly refute them.

You are required to have a reference page. Also, identify your sources within your speech.

At least three times in your speech, in three different paragraphs in your speech, you must acknowledge the opposing viewpoint. With sufficient and appropriate evidence.

Repetition of your key points through the speech- 3x minimum (underline 7 identify in margin).

Two rhetorical question (underline and identify in margin)

Use logical (logos) and ethical (ethos) appealing your speech.

Two uses of pathos (emotional appeal) in your speech, you must identify the emotion to which you are appealing (I.e. fear, shame

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